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Welcome to ECU Carpool!

Who can carpool?

This carpool site is available to ECU staff and students. To register and begin carpooling, you must register using your staff or student email address.

What is carpooling?

Carpools consist of two or more people driving to or from ECU together in the one privately owned car.

Benefits of carpooling

Carpooling is a simple yet effective way that you can help reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global climate change. Saving money, reducing congestion and conserving energy along the way are just bonuses!

Carpooling has many benefits, including:
  • Sharing travel
  • Easier to find a park with fewer vehicles on campus
  • Reducing wear and tear on your car (you may not even need a car!)
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and local traffic congestion
  • It's a great way to meet people!

 Use our calculator to find your potential savings

How to begin

Carpooling is easy; it just takes more than one person sharing a car. For further information read the 'Easy Steps to Carpooling' or simply register now.

Decided to carpool? Here's help to make sure you find your 'perfect match'!

STEP 1 - Find your carpool match

To register for the ECUCarpool program you will need to know your staff or student email address.

STEP 2 - Who's got the wheel?

Decide who will drive, when, where you will meet and how many days you will drive together. It may help to make a schedule of what days and times you will carpool together.

STEP 3 - What's fare is fair

You will need to decide early on whether you are going to share the driving or share costs in some way. There are no obligations in this regard, but try to work out an arrangement that everyone is happy with. Please be aware that normal ECU parking regulations apply and each vehicle must have its own parking permit allocated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Carpooling Guidelines